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Organise end-of-year parties for your company


Organise end-of-year parties for your company

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As one year ends and another is about to begin the occasion presents a great opportunity to celebrate and strengthen the bonds between a company’s employees. At the Hotel Carlton Lausanne we provide all you require to organise unforgettable corporate end-of-year parties and events.


Having fun strengthens the bonds between a team

Wellbeing at work and job satisfaction necessarily involve moments of conviviality and sharing as well as purely professional achievements and satisfaction. Strengthening the team cohesion that results from such interactions by promoting exchanges in a more informal setting is the key to a well-balanced workforce. Team building events and especially end-of-year parties offer an ideal formula for having fun and reinforcing future collaborative work.


The qualities to look for in a well-chosen venue

The Hotel Carlton Lausanne provides an elegant and cosy atmosphere for team-building. Our establishment has the four essential qualities to make your event a success. Neutrality (no reminders of the work environment), centrality (5 minutes from Lake Geneva and 10 minutes from the city centre), appealing surroundings (a setting inspired by the latest trends in design) and the knowledge and experience of the staff regarding such events (attentive team and high-end service). Thus, it’s the ideal place to celebrate the end of the year with your colleagues.


Made-to-measure services for a successful event

The Hotel Carlton Lausanne offers you its entirely renovated, large and modern conference and socialising spaces. Movable walls make these spaces completely adaptable to your needs so that large or small numbers of guests can be accommodated as necessary.

The catering we provide is of the highest quality, with preference given to rigorously selected local products. So that your employees can participate fully without worrying about returning home, we also recommend accommodation on site and therefore offer the option to hire the hotel and its 47 rooms, most of them overlooking a magnificent terrace, in its entirety. Finally, our team listens carefully to your requirements and is available to help and advise if you want to organise a theme party or a special club soirée!

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